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Here are a few of the most
commonly asked questions.
However, please know
that we will work closely
with you to create the most
perfect entertainment
for your event.
What about the breaks? Will music provided during breaks?

We always have a variety of CD’s on hand, and you are welcome to bring a couple of favorites, too. To make the energy and flow seamless, we prefer to coordinate your cake cutting, and garter and bouquet toss during the breaks, rather than break up a dance set.

May our guests sit in with the band?

We are happy for you to use our microphone for announcements and toasts, or to sing if we are in attendance, but we do not allow others to play on our equipment.

Is there an extra charge for set up and tear down time?

No. We charge for the full amount of the contract time. If your contract specifies 7-11 pm, we begin playing at 7, and stop at 11.

What about tipping the band?

That is always appreciated, but certainly not expected.

Can the band play softly so we can hear each other in conversation?

Yes. We understand that this is a time when many of your guests have not seen each other for a long time and are trying to "catch up." You might wish for solo piano during the cocktail hour and a small instrumental group during the dinner to keep the sound level lower. As the evening progresses, vocals can be added and the volume picked up for dancing, but never overpowering the room and guests.

Does the band expect to eat?

That is always appreciated. Sandwiches and soft drinks are perfect. From the time the band begins set up, plays, and finishes tearing down at the end of the evening, the time spent is approximately 7-8 hours. Providing the band with a sandwich tray is a nice gesture.

Will the horns make the band louder? Do they need more space?

Not necessarily. It will sound fuller. Unlike the rhythm section of piano, bass, and drums, the horns don’t all play together all of the time. Do they need more space? No, added horns are simply a horn player, standing with a microphone in front. There is no added PA or amps.

Do I need to choose most of the songs for the evening from the Center Stage songlist?

No. Just tell us your favorite styles, as well as the ones you don't like. Then, take the songlist and check your favorites, and write "no" next to any you don’t want played. The bandleader will refer to that list throughout the evening.

Can you play longer than the contracted time if needed?

Typically yes, unless we are playing a later job that same day.

What is the appropriate order of the traditional dances?

Typically, after the guests are in the room, the bandleader will announce the bride and groom, and they dance their first dance. The Father of the Bride may cut in after several pictures have been taken, or wait for a special dance for the two of them. At this time, the groom may dance with his Mother. Sometimes the dances don’t begin until the end of dinner. Each family should decide what is comfortable for them, and discuss it with the bandleader. There is really no right or wrong answer.

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